Why community is more important than ever

May 28, 2020

At its core, community is a group of interconnected people. Being part of a community can make us feel a sense of belonging, unity and purpose. It can give us opportunities to connect with people and can make us feel safe and secure.

In times of uncertainty, community has become more important than ever.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we experienced a rapid change in our usual support networks. While before we were able to build networks regardless of geography, life under lockdown showed that these networks alone cannot always provide the immediate support we need. Instead, we’ve turned to our neighbours, local businesses and neighbourhood communities.

CareMonger was created to offer that safe place where people can connect with others nearby for a smile, a favour or a friend. A location-based messaging app, CareMonger offers a way to come together (even when we’re apart) by making it simple for people to ask for a hand, offer help and connect with locals in their community.

From borrowing tools to pharmacy runs and everything in between, CareMongers are reaching out and assisting their community for all sorts of different reasons. By sharing resources and offering a helping hand, we’ve found much-needed solidarity, support and friendship right within our own neighbourhoods.

As lockdown laws ease, this new community spirit and sense of connection will remain as important as ever. Let’s continue to strengthen community ties and support one another post-COVID and beyond by reaching out to those in need and asking for assistance when you need it. Because together, we can all make a difference.

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