10 ways to keep your kids entertained during lockdown

Aug 04, 2020

As parts of the world face further lockdown restrictions and the rest of the world continues to live in uncertainty, we are once again reminded of how important it is to stay safe by staying home.

And although we all know it’s the best place to be for yourself, your family and your community, there’s no denying it’s hard to continue living a life less open. This is particularly difficult for parents trying to keep young children entertained.

So, as a parent whose ideas may have been exhausted during the last lockdown, what can you do? We’ve created an incomplete list of thought-starter ideas to help you and your kids have some fun. Hopefully this list contains a few things you haven’t thought of:

  1. Camping trip – your backyard is just as great as any other outdoor adventure.
  2. Baking day – cupcakes, croissants, cookies or all of the above. Experiment with a new menu or have a competition to see who’s the best baker in your family.
  3. Build a cinema fort – paired with popcorn, pillows and the pictures, your home cinema has never been cosier.
  4. Science experiments – from play dough to crystal candy there’s plenty of experiments waiting for you – a quick Google should help you get started.
  5. Create a play – make some puppets, turn your favourite toys into stars or embrace your inner actor, however you choose to do it be sure you perform your masterpiece to the rest of your family.
  6. Family karaoke – how else are you going to find out who’s the best singer?
  7. Dress ups – a clown, a fairy or a fish, capture the outfit and send it to the rest of the family.
  8. Make a podcast – there’s a podcast for everything, why not make one too?
  9. Paint with Bob Ross – you’ve got 403 episodes to discover The Joy of Painting.
  10. Upcycle something in the house – turn that tin into a new home for the succulent you’ve been propagating or that old ladder into a new shelf.

If you’re lucky enough to not be in lockdown right now, consider doing some of the above to provide entertainment for those stuck at home. Or send a care package to a house in need. Or create your own list of ideas and share it with other parents online. Being there for people is more than physical and it’s never been easier than it is now to be a CareMonger.

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